The publishing house “Books In Batumi” Tbilisi

Property Type: publishing house
ID Code: 044


Address: Tbilisi, Chavchavadze avenue, № 66
Working hours: Monday-Sunday- 12:00-18:00
Contact number: 0322475148

The publishing house “Books In Batumi” was founded in 2015. It was founded to translate one certain book, but now, “Books In Batumi” is one of the most popular publishing houses in Georgia. The publishing house is adjusted to readers of any age and issues different genres. “Books In Batumi” has various series: “Fantastic Library” – it contains modern and classical writers of science fiction and also, fantasy genre books. “Chamber N6”- this series include psychological-mystical literature. “Immortal Library”- Contains translations of classical literature. Publishing house also produces books for children and teenagers. In 2017 they started new series and introduced modern Eastern literature to Georgian readers. “Books In Batumi” also actively prints modern Georgian authors and introduces them to foreign publishing houses. Some of these authors were translated to German.